1. to see the total amount spent on the most recent day on which you logged expense (if you delete any category or sub category, data from the widget is gonna be deleted)
  2.  to quickly log expense on any existing sub category


to log expense:

  • tap the widget
  • if there are more than 10 sub categories on storage, the page opens on a list of the sub categories on which expense has been logged most recently
  • but they’re listed in alphabetical order
  • and the first sub category to be removed from the list, as you log expense on sub categories not on that list, is the least recent sub category among the most recent ones, once it’s a the 10th position (the first one to get onto the list is the first to get moved down the list)
  • a max of 10 sub categories are kept on the list of the most recent sub categories


  • if there are more sub categories on storage, you can log expense on any sub category that isn’t on the list of the most recent ones, by tapping the button at the page top


  • expense is logged with the current date, so you can use quick logging only if you log expense the same day on which you made it